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New Wave Entrepreneur

HK & Ivan MacArthur

New Wave Entrepreneur—HK & Ivan MacArthurNew Wave Entrepreneur, by HK & Ivan MacArthur, has been recently published.

On Prince Edward Island, many new immigrants arrive under the “Immigrate to PEI as an Entrepreneur” category of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Since the inception of the Provincial Nominee Program there have been varying viewpoints on the benefits and challenges of the program. The authors of New Wave Entrepreneur say that what is often lost in all of this discussion is an insight into the motivations and experiences of these immigrants who invest the future of their families in Prince Edward Island and Canada.

Their new book aims, they say, to give PNP entrepreneurs a human face, and to share their experiences, hopes, and aspirations as new Islanders. The authors undertook interviews with twelve PNP immigrant entrepreneurs and arranged for photo sessions. Interviews were conducted in English or Mandarin. These interviews covered a range of topics including past experiences, Island life, their business enterprises, and their plans for the future.

“The title New Wave Entrepreneur was chosen to reflect the fact that PNP immigrants represent the latest wave of entrepreneurs to immigrate to Prince Edward Island,” say the authors. “Such waves have occurred in the past and have included immigrants from France, the British Isles, Lebanon, and Holland. We hope that this new wave can build on the success of previous entrepreneurs and contribute new knowledge to Island culture.”

Two new books from Dr. Richard Raiswell

Knowing Demons, Knowing Spirits in the Early Modern Period

Editors Dr. Richard Raiswell, Michelle Brock, David Winter

Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences

Editors James Lancaster, Richard Raiswell

Dr. Richard Raiswell, an associate professor of history at UPEI, has co-edited two new books. Knowing Demons, Knowing Spirits in the Early Modern Period (co-edited with Michelle Brock and David Winter) is published by Palgrave. Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences (co-edited with James Lancaster) is published by Springer.

From the publisher’s website, on Knowing Demons, Knowing Spirits:

“This book explores the manifold ways of knowing—and knowing about—preternatural beings such as demons, angels, fairies, and other spirits that inhabited and were believed to act in early modern European worlds. Its contributors examine how people across the social spectrum assayed the various types of spiritual entities that they believed dwelled invisibly but meaningfully in the spaces just beyond (and occasionally within) the limits of human perception. Collectively, the volume demonstrates that an awareness and understanding of the nature and capabilities of spirits—whether benevolent or malevolent—was fundamental to the knowledge-making practices that characterize the years between ca. 1500 and 1750.” 

On Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences, publisher Springer writes:

“The motto of the Royal Society—Nullius in verba—was intended to highlight the members’ rejection of received knowledge and the new place they afforded direct empirical evidence in their quest for genuine, useful knowledge about the world. But while many studies have raised questions about the construction, reception and authentication of knowledge, Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences is the first to examine the problem of evidence at this pivotal moment in European intellectual history. What constituted evidence—and for whom? Where might it be found? How should it be collected and organized? What is the relationship between evidence and proof? These are crucial questions, for what constitutes evidence determines how people interrogate the world and the kind of arguments they make about it.”

Said Dr. Neb Kujundzic, dean of the Faculty of Arts at UPEI, “I congratulate Dr. Raiswell on his extraordinary scholarly achievement; the two books he co-edited will certainly raise the profile of UPEI and the Faculty of Arts in particular.” 

Deep Water Pearls: A Collection of Women’s Memoir

Edited by Kathleen Hamilton

Deep Water Pearls: A Collection of Women’s Memoir—Edited by Kathleen HamiltonDeep Water Pearls, an anthology of women’s memoirs, has been published by Acorn Press. Thirteen writers, guided by memoir coach and editor Kathleen Hamilton, reveal the most intimate turning points in their lives, memories deeply charged with meaning, moments after which their lives were never the same.

The stories are diverse: we meet a PEI farm girl exploring her early intuitive knowings, a tattooed millennial struggling with PTSD, a mature academic rebounding from the betrayal of her marriage, and a bride whose wedding day is a triumph over a treacherous past. In The Strength it Took to Ditch You, a woman reveals her years in an abusive same-sex relationship.  High School Reunion is set in Unit 9, a psych ward in Charlottetown. In The Waiting Place, a young mother from western PEI explores the meaning of home.

Contributors are R.M. Alice, Orysia Dawydiak, Alexandra Dixon, Yvette Doucette, Sharla Goodwin, Kathleen Hamilton, K.J. Johnston, Jo MacKinnon, Liza Oliver, Katie Poirier, Heather S馮uin, Hope Sollows, and E.G. Todd. While the writers are all from PEI where many of the stories take place, their journeys take us farther afield to the logging towns of BC and the ranch culture of Utah, to formative experiences in the Magdalene Islands and Newfoundland.

What unites these stories (and a few poems) is the shared commitment of the writers to explore their deeper truths.

Kathleen Hamilton is the creator of A Deeper Truth memoir programs. She is the author of the memoir Sex After Baby: Why There is None published by Acorn Press. She is an actor and director, poet, screenwriter and playwright. She is known for her stage comedy, Shameless Hussies, her memoir-on-stage Blonde Moments, and her program SoloWorks in which she guides women to write and perform their own monologues on stage. 

Kathleen is currently writing a new memoir, High Flying Girl. Deep Water Pearls is her first anthology. It will be launching at The Mount Community Centre in Charlottetown on December 8 at 1 pm.

Two new books by Clint Morrison

CAPTAIN: A Brief Biography of Captain E.R “Ben” Pike (1921-2016)
Soul Fire: Poetic Cries of a Baby Boomer

CAPTAIN  A Brief Biography of Captain E.R “Ben” Pike (1921-2016)—Clint MorrisonOn November 3, Island writer, J. Clinton Morrison, launched two new books at Lefurgey Cultural Centre, Summerside. The first book, entitled CAPTAIN: A Brief Biography of Captain E.R. “Ben” Pike (1921-2016), Summerside, P.E.I. (51 pages, staple-bound), was written in memory of a good friend who led an exciting and often dangerous life at sea. Morrison was first introduced to Captain “Ben” Pike by a mutual friend at a local coffee shop during the summer of 2012. Thus began a four-year friendship. Before long he realized he had made friends with “a wonderful man who had led a remarkable life.” After more than two dozen interviews Captain Pike shared his fascinating story with Morrison.

Born in Newfoundland in 1921, Pike lost his father in the great Atlantic gale of 1927 off Sable Island. It was a profound experience for the young six-year-old. He would later experience the earthquake of 1929 at Burin Bay and the loss of his mother in 1934. As a young teenager he soon went to sea working on sailing vessels and when World War Two began in 1939 he joined the British Merchant Navy and two years later transferred to the Canadian Merchant Navy.  Soon after the car ferry, MV Abegweit, began service between Cape Tormentine and Borden in 1947, Captain Pike became one of its first officers. He quickly advanced to Master of the ship and eventually Superintendant of all CN Marine ferries at Borden and Cape Tormentine before his retirement in 1978. He died in 2016.

Morrison’s second book is entitled Soul Fire: Poetic Cries of a Baby Boomer. Morrison first began to write poetry around the time of his sixteenth birthday in 1964. Although he still writes some poetry, much of his verse found in this new book was written before he became more heavily involved in writing about Island history. His poetry has been strongly influenced by nineteenth century poets of the Romantic and Victoria periods and deals with seven main themes: Protest, War, Nature, Love, Heritage, Death, and Realization. His poetry is autobiographical and primarily deals with personal thoughts and feelings resulting from his often problematic journey through life. He has dedicated his book, Soul Fire, to anyone who has struggled along life’s journey.

Soul Fire: Poetic Cries of a Baby Boomer—Clint MorrisonBoth books are available directly from the author: J. Clinton Morrison, 25 Jason Drive, Summerside, PE C1N 6M2, 902-436-8518, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

From Time to Time an Egg

John H. Brehaut

From Time to Time an Egg—John H. BrehautA young man’s agonizing decision to leave the family farm, the mysterious death of two healthy young men on the Northumberland Strait, a village paralyzed by fear during an epidemic and the shattering of an idyllic Christmas Eve by economic reality are four of the short stories con-tained in John Brehaut’s new book, From Time to Time an Egg.

Named for a suggestion in a succession/care document signed by Brehaut’s great grandfather, the book, published by Tangle Lane Press, includes over thirty stories, a mixture of fact and fiction, which touch on many characters and situations faced by Prince Edward Islanders over the years.

Canadians’ willingness to serve their country is covered in stories about the death of a soldier who was forced by his economic situation to go to war; about the death of a young man who lied about his age to join his three brothers in service; and the story of a widow making her first ever trip to her husband’s grave in Italy.

The non-fiction stories detail some Island characters ranging from The Honourable Daniel J MacDonald to Herby Beaton an itinerant traveller from southeastern PEI. The story of the Red Point Farmers, a champion tug-of-war team shares the pages with the story of a remarkable family of scholars who grew up in the Guernsey Cove area.

From “Herby”:

“The presence in the community of a character like Herby was sure to inspire stories and anecdotes. One young man was taking a shortcut through the Caledonia cemetery on a dark, wet night and had no way of knowing that Herby had taken shelter behind a large tombstone. As he passed by, a voice out of the darkness proclaimed, “It’s a pretty cold night” causing him to get home with record speed…”

John Brehaut’s first book, Left Arm Missing, Left Leg Missing; Unfit for Service,” told the life story of Dan MacDonald. Brehaut is also a frequent contributor to RED magazine.

This Time It’s Forever

Jessica Eissfeldt

This Time It’s Forever—Jessica EissfeldtIntrigued and inspired by the real events of November 17, 1775, when two of General George Washington’s privateers stole the Great Seal of PEI, local novelist Jessica Eissfeldt knew she had enough historical facts to create a piece of fiction that intertwined colorful legends and romantic history. The tale unfolds in This Time It’s Forever, the first book in Eissfeldt’s Prince Edward Island Love Letters & Legends trilogy.

An antique love letter reveals a secret connection between the American Revolution and the windswept shores of beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Budding archivist Ruby Zalonski and handsome Prince Edward Islander Nathan O’Neil must join forces to solve a series of 300-year-old riddles. Hidden between the pages of love letters from centuries-past lovers is a tale of love and war surrounding the theft of the Great Seal. As they uncover the story, the two lovers are destined to complete a legendary romance set in motion three centuries ago. 

Jessica  was a finalist in the 2014 Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention American Idol writing contest. 

This Time It’s Forever can be purchased in Charlottetown at Bookmark, The Bookman and Indigo Books & Music. It is also available at online retailers, including Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble.

In Their Own Words: Three Maritimers Experience The Great War

Edited by Ross Hebb

In Their Own Words Three Maritimers Experience The Great War—Edited by Ross HebbWhat was the First World War really like for Maritimers overseas? In Their Own Words, edited by Ross Hebb, contains the letters home of three Maritimers with distinct wartime experiences: a front-line soldier from Nova Scotia, a nurse from New Brunswick, and a conscripted fisherman from Prince Edward Island. Up until now, these complete sets of handwritten letters have remained with the families who agreed to share them in time for the one-hundredth anniversary of the Great War’s end in 2018. These letters not only give insight into the war, but provide greater understanding of life in rural Maritime communities in the early 1900s.

In Their Own Words includes an introduction and background information on letter writers Eugene A. Poole, Sister Pauline Balloch and Harry Heckbert.

Ross Hebb is a native of Nova Scotia’s South Shore and an eighth-generation descendant of the area’s original Foreign Protestant settlers. Along with volumes on Maritime church history, he has written about the golden age of shipbuilding at St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy. In 2014 he edited the collection Letters Home: Maritimers and the Great War, 1914-1918. Dr. Hebb lives in Fredericton, NB.


Gary MacDougall

Forbie—Gary MacDougallOn November 28, Retromedia Publishing released its 16th book—Forbie by Gary MacDougall.

Forbie is a book about a boy who dreamed about fire on water and then turned that dream into fire on ice when he joined the National Hockey League. It’s about elations, disappointments, controversial career moments and some “doggone” good opportunities, a very famous mad melee, Forbes Taylor Kennedy’s sweet Marie and his years as a coach.

The author, Gary MacDougall, is a 47-year journalist and the former managing editor of The Guardian in Charlottetown, PEI. This is the first book he has written.

Forbie includes stories of  hockey greats Tim Horton, Gordie Howe, Henri Richard, Sam Pollock, Dick Irwin Sr., Jamie Kennedy, Jake Kennedy, Mike Kennedy, King Clancy, Punch Imlach, Rocket Richard, Bobby Hull, Jean Beliveau, Terry Sawchuk, Doug Harvey, “Terrible” Ted Green, Johnny Bucyk, Brad Richards, Gerard “Turk” Gallant and Adam McQuaid.

The main part of Forbie is divided into three periods: young Forbie up until the end of his junior hockey days; his professional playing days; and his family life and his coaching career.

The 234-page paperback book contains a Forward by Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada and co-host of Rogers Hometown Hockey, Acknowledgements, Notes from the Author and from the Sponsors, statistics, a career hockey timeline and black and white photographs.

Forbie is available at, the Bookmark, Indigo/Coles, Beaconsfield Historic House and Tim Hortons restaurants on PEI.

Flax Americana

Dr. Joshua MacFadyen

Flax Americana—Dr. Joshua MacFadyenA new book by Dr. Joshua MacFadyen, an associate professor in the Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture program in the Faculty of Arts at UPEI, examines the story of flax, a plant that went in a few decades from a specialty crop to one of the most commercially important farming products in a rapidly industrializing North America. Flax Americana: A History of the Fibre and Oil that Covered a Continent is published by McGill Queen’s University Press.

“Flax Americana touches on topics as diverse as Canadian Mennonites making homespun linen, escaped slaves and First Nations labourers participating in Ontario’s industrial transformation, and oilseed empires driving precarious agriculture into North and South American grasslands for the production of a luxury good—paint,” explained Dr. MacFadyen. “However, the book is really about what a deep dive into a single plant and the places that produced it can tell us about the emergence of commodity frontiers, industrial capitalism, and the modern world itself.”

From the publisher’s website:

“Farmers feed cities, but starting in the nineteenth century they painted them too. Flax from Canada and the northern United States produced fibre for textiles and linseed oil for paint—critical commodities in a century when wars were fought over fibre and when increased urbanization demanded expanded paint markets. Flax Americana re-examines the changing relationships between farmers, urban consumers, and the land through a narrative of Canada’s first and most important industrial crop.

“Initially a specialty crop grown by Mennonites and other communities on contracts for small-town mill complexes, flax became big business in the late nineteenth century as multinational linseed oil companies quickly displaced rural mills. 

“The northern flax industry emerged because of border-crossing communities. By following the plant across countries and over time Flax Americana sheds new light on the ways that commodities, frontiers, and industrial capitalism shaped the modern world.”


Pardon Me, What Did You Say?

PEI Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

Pardon Me, What Did You Say? A guide to navigating in the hard of hearing worldPardon Me, What Did You Say? A guide to navigating in the hard of hearing world has been published by the PEI Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA). The booklet contains personal stories by CHHA PEI members and many practical suggestions and tips for facilitating communication in a wide variety of settings. Illustrations were done by Wayne Wright. Stories were compiled by Daria Valkenburg. The project was funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association provides a voice for hard of hearing and deafened people. The PEI Chapter meets regularly at North Tryon Presbyterian Church in North Tryon.

For information: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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