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Golf Tournament

Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament takes place in September. Registrat [ ... ]

Charlottetown Legion Bingo

Charlottetown Legion Bingo takes place Sundays and Mondays at 7 pm at the Legion at 99 Pownal St, Ch [ ... ]

Kathy Birt

Lady and the Plant(s)—Kathy BirtCrime novel spoof Lady and the Plant(s), by Kathy Birt, will be launched June 10 at 2 pm at The Haviland Club in Charlottetown.

While well-known Island author Kathy Birt has penned nine books to date, getting her first novel to print is what she terms a “major accomplishment.” “I didn’t think I had a novel in me,” says Birt when talking about this book that came about when she wished she had garden space while living in a basement apartment in Charlottetown. “I saw a wegelia in front of a government building and thought I’d like to have it. Right away my imagination went to work and I wrote the first two chapters of Lady and the Plant(s),” she explains.

“The main character in my novel is a 60-something woman I have aptly named Corrigible,” says Birt. “She is the head of the Plastic Police Unit in Charlottetown. The unit is simply called, in most cases, the PPU, or phew!” The story has Corrigible Clark and her cohort Constable Hawkins working out of what used to be the Kent Street (police) Depot, putting their talents together to approach local businesses to get rid of plastic. Constable Hawkins has other duties that include handing out parking tickets and taking care of petty crime in the greater Charlottetown area. And Corrigible, in her after-midnight-disguise, adds too Hawkins’s law enforcement duties when she embarks on a crime spree around government buildings in the wee hours.

 “You’ll meet a few other characters in this novel…some good, some not-so-good. As well, the police chief plays a major role and we might even hear from the mayor,” notes Birt. The Island author says despite the fact it is a spoof, she had to interview city police and RCMP officers to be accurate on charges and sentences. 

Copies of the new book will be available at local books stores, The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market and at some gift shops during the tourist season.

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