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Apple fundraiser

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Talking Bands

by Evan Ceretti

Isaac Williams, Shawn Gallant, Shane Coady, Colin MacIsaac (in tree) (photo: Evan Ceretti)Bred during late nights in Rustico, Night Breed is Shawn Gallant (guitar, keys, vocals), Colin MacIsaac (guitar, vocals), Isaac Williams (bass), and Shane Coady (drums, backup vocals). All of the members haveve all been involved in the local music scene for a number of years.

“Colin and I had been playing for a long time together,” said Gallant. The two used to play in Wildcat, as well as in Formations and Invertebrates. Night Breed was born three years ago after Coady brought in the beat. The trio played for a couple of years, mostly in the summer as Gallant is away during winters, and Williams joined a year ago.

You can feel it in the music, and hear it in their voices, that the songs are expressions of personal struggles with overarching themes. “Angst,” said Gallant, half jokingly when asked about the influences behind his writing. “Relationship woes. Times of transition. Fears of vulnerability. Nightmares,” he added. MacIsaac’s song-writing process is on the same page as Gallant’s. “Kind of what he said. Just like everyday shit.”

Williams describes the music as being energetic and melodic. Gallant said it often has an honest, rugged feel. “We’re kind of visceral and pretty raw. We try to make it sincere.” MacIsaac thinks it’s not the kind of music that everyone is going to like or understand, but those who do like the genre will most certainly be able to take something away from it. “I want it to be honest. Show your scars. No bullshit,” he said.

Their sound can be described as “garagey, surfy, punk rock.” And if you listen to the songs, you’ll easily understand why, as characteristics from all those genres quickly flow into your ears. “We don’t fit in anywhere, but we kind of fit in everywhere,” said MacIsaac. It’s not about selling records, it’s about making music, they agreed.

And right now, that’s what they want to do—make music and work on their live shows. “We have songs recorded that are almost done, ready to put out,” said MacIsaac. They’d like to launch an EP and video, and get their social media pages up and running. Visit to sample the band’s older material.

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