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Church Mouse Thrift Shop

The Church Mouse Thrift Shop is both an outreach ministry and fundraiser for St. John the Evangelist [ ... ]

Upstreet's 3rd annual Block Party

Upstreet Craft Brewing is hosting their third annual community Block Party on August 19. Located in  [ ... ]

Talking Bands
by Darcy Cudmore

Dave Lidstone, Elliott Carter, Ray Blaquiere, Everett James Burt and Brett Oliver (photo: Darcy Cudmore)Formed from the members of Flush, Married to Jane, Chamberlane, Death Valley Driver and The Stogies, this new Island band is a must-hear.

Contraband is a 5-some that started with the intentions of being a cover band. Those plans quickly changed when the group realized there was something special happening, said the band’s lead vocalist Everett James Burt. “It’s a rare condition to find five people of the same mind but also of different musical influences who can blend their talents together to create a package that is raw and relentless.” That is what happened when these five first got together.

“We write together as a unit. It’s like throwing ingredients into a musical pot,” said Burt. The band draws influence from acts like Guns N’ Roses, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and the Deftones, among others. They hope to begin a pre-production project soon, with plans to record in the future.

The other members of Contraband are Elliott Carter (bass), Dave Lidstone (drums), Ray Blaquiere (rhythm guitar) and Brett Oliver (lead guitar).

Something clicked right away when the group got together, said Blaquiere. “I think we wrote two or three songs just in the first couple jams. Things just flowed so well together. Coming up with a band name was the hardest thing, as the song writing came naturally.” With such an experienced group of musicians, it is not a surprise that everything has gone so well. The band has already written over 10 songs.

“Being eclectic in our musical inspirations has allowed everybody to come at it with different views and ideas. We are slowly coming into our own and defining our own brand of rock,” said Blaquiere. “We know we are not going to re-invent the wheel, but we definitely want to try to have a defining sound that is recognizable.”

The band has played a few shows in Charlottetown, and have also made the trip to Halifax for a show. So far so good, said Blaquiere. “Through the first handful of shows I think the crowds are really digging what we are putting down.” The band will continue to build their live show while they build a name for themselves.

You can follow along with Contraband through Facebook.

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