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A Course in Miracles

Every Friday at 6 pm a group meets for an in depth study and discussion of the text “A Course in M [ ... ]

PEI Symphony Orchestra: 50 years this ye...

PEISO puts out a call for your Symphony memories During its 2017-2018 concert season, the PEI Symph [ ... ]

The big meal

BUZZ readers send this writer to Hunter’s

by Andrew Sprague

Hunter’s Ale House is a lot of things to a lot of people. To many, it’s one of the best live music venues in the province, consistently booking top talent from the Island and abroad. To others, it’s a lively pub, perfect for a round of trivia or happy hour drinks with the gang. To others still, Hunter’s is the best spot

Resistance fighter

Resistance fighter
Profile: Kathleen Hamilton

by Jane Ledwell

Contrivances and secrets—lies—they cause a lot of problems,” intimates Kathleen Hamilton. The playwright, actor, writing workshop leader, and author of Sex After Baby—Why There Is None says, “Right now, I’m deeply immersed in memoir—officially for the past five years. Unofficially for ten.

“Writing my own memoir, reading memoirs, and helping other

The heart of India

The heart of India
Teresa Doyle recounts her latest travel experience

Submitted by Teresa Doyle

Westerners have been flocking to India for eons to experience all the flavours and colours of this amazing place. My journey was not as a tourist but rather as a student of Vedic chant, the oldest songs on the planet. I’ve long been interested in how people use their voices is cultures around the world and the vocal

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure
Kate the Spice Lady Café in Charlottetown

by Ann Thurlow

Kate Lee, aka The Spice Lady, is well known for the fresh and delicious herbs and spices she sells at her shop and at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. But something that was almost an afterthought—“hey, let’s sell soup and sandwiches, too”—has turned her little spice store into something even more special. Tucked away as it is behind

Lil Slime

Lil Slime

Talking Bands
by Darcy Cudmore

Lil Slime is a Charlottetown rapper who released his debut mixtape to the public in January. His lyrics are intelligent and his raps are fierce, but who is Lil Slime?

DC: Where did the persona of Lil Slime come from?

LS: Lil Slime is a persona that I have wanted to do for years. I’ve always been a big hip-hop head and always wanted to try rapping. Lil Slime is me

The Guest Book: Michelle MacCallum

Soul in the game

These days I spend an immoderate amount of time thinking about how we define culture. What do we mean when we talk about cultural activities, policies or programs? We most often think arts, our ethnic backgrounds, our collective values. And indeed, culture is all those things. But when it really comes down to it, we can’t speak of culture without speaking of change. Culture is not

Storms of life

Storms of life

The Cove Journal
by JoDee Samuelson

We survived the winter’s first real snowstorm. Last night the wind howled all through the wee hours, ice pellets beat noisily against the windows, and the whole house creaked and groaned uncomfortably. It seemed that morning would never come, but morning did come and with it a transformed white world that beckoned us outside. So it was on with the snowshoes and

A gift of Island poetry: Jane Ledwell

Curated by Deirdre Kessler 

The birch

The world is the world, or what we know of it.

We are in it, with split paper skins, slow sap,

and leaves we will abandon with the season.

Twinned, we are, for our own company.

We multiply; we do not divide.

We lean awkward over the rise towards the spring.

We tunnel beneath the earth towards the same.

We are sanctuary to our self.

—Jane Ledwell from Bird

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Corb Lund solo at Harbourfront

May 5
Harbourfront Theatre Harbourfront Theatre announces the return to their stage of Canada’s al [ ... ]

Canada On Screen

April 19
City Cinema
Free Admission City Cinema is proud to celebrate Canada’s 2017 sesquicentennia [ ... ]

Mass for Peace: The Armed Man

Choral music at Trinity April 14
Trinity United Church  The Choral Music Programme of Confeder [ ... ]

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Servant of Song

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eWatch Safe Exchange Zone

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Legal community undertakes cultural comp...

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